Temperature calibration formula for activated charcoal radon collectors

TitleTemperature calibration formula for activated charcoal radon collectors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCooper, Alexandre, Le Thiem Ngoc, Iimoto Takeshi, and Kosako Toshiso
JournalJ. Environ. Radioact
Pagination60 - 63
Date Published01/2011
ISBN Number0265-931X
KeywordsActivated charcoal collectors, Calibration experiment, Conversion factor, PicoRad detectors, Radon gas, Temperature effect

Radon adsorption by activated charcoal collectors such as PicoRad radon detectors is known to be largely affected by temperature and relative humidity. Quantitative models are, however, still needed for accurate radon estimation in a variable environment. Here we introduce a temperature calibration formula based on the gas adsorption theory to evaluate the radon concentration in air from the average temperature, collection time, and liquid scintillation count rate. On the basis of calibration experiments done by using the 25 m3 radon chamber available at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in Japan, we found that the radon adsorption efficiency may vary up to a factor of two for temperatures typical of indoor conditions. We expect our results to be useful for establishing standardized protocols for optimized radon assessment in dwellings and workplaces.

Short TitleJournal of Environmental Radioactivity